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Strategic Design Consulting

Strategic Design Consulting

O que é

Consultoria em Design Estratégico para obter Inovação em negócios e projetos.

Strategic Design Consultancy Service based on:


  • Business Analysis & Development: Consultancy focused on business modeling  or remodeling upon assessment and diagnosis of business environment.
  • Project Analysis & Development: Consultancy focused on project modeling of any nature upon the assessment of business environment such as creation of the project plan in reference, as well as definition of the ensuing impacts and results


The FAN – BUSINESS ANALYSIS FRAMEWORK is the main differential Consulting Design Strategic 

ADDTECH because there was a method developed by the company joining concepts , behavioral  skills,

structured processes and tools to drive innovation in businesses and projects.




The FAN enables decision making , backed by tools, techniques and concepts of Canvas , Design Thinking and Lean, through a co- creative approach and structured implementation process with a claimant in order to achieve the creation of a product, service , designing or redesigning a business model .

What for?

Innovating is a hard and, at times, frustrating task. However, it is essential to obtain the competitive edge on the market.

It is imperative to understand innovative, rewarding tools since, most of the time, by conventional management methodologies, it is not feasible to generate new business opportunities.



The Design Thinking Approach comes up with the proposal to cover up traditional process gaps which, quite a few times, are of utmost importance to measure risks in projects as in a wide variety of complexities.

Empathy, co-creation, and prototyping are particular aspects to capture such gaps and find out clients´ existing needs.  Hence they generate value-adding projects for clients. Among those projects we highlight the inherent steps of our methodology.



Como a Consultoria em Design estratégico pode apoiar sua empresa em:


  • Understand the feasibility of the project
  • Understand gaps between planning and execution
  • Direct efforts towards innovation and impressive results
  • Add value to projects
  • Understanding the SMART project impacts


  • Understand the needs projective aligned business strategies
  • Guide companies on the path that must be pursued to meet its goals
  • Provide businesses that add value to organizations and their customers


Spotting: When we get started a specific project, we first spot the key points. Afterward, we carefully map the whole scenario, along with our supporting team.
Defining: At this stage, plotting a course toward a successful project is fundamental. Defining the major points to generate values is of paramount importance so as to create an innovative project.


Developing: Once recognized the business/project context, the means of innovation is thus defined. It is also required to apply the related concepts and check their feasibility before the fundamental approval: The customers needs fully met.



Providing: By making each and every planned concept tangible and translate them into products or services to the extent that they not only meet but also exceed the clients´ expectations.



Strategic Design Consultancy to stimulate innovation in business and projects.

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