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ADDTECH stands out as an ally with Seguradora Lider DPVAT on events sponsored by the insurance company.

More than just fitting in the partnership concept, ADDTECH stands out as an ally with Seguradora Lider DPVAT on events sponsored by the insurance company.

Such ranking has been established by the insurance company to highlight suppliers which are deeply committed to not only rendering services but also to serious mindset of meeting corporate goals and maintaining sustainable growth.

The event was attended by major executives, managers, and their chief allies who had the opportunity to know better the 40-year history of the insurance company, its strategic goals, corporate outlook on the coming years, presented by Lidia Monteiro, the head of management area in Seguradora Líder-DPVAT. She states that sustainability is the foremost corporate value. In other words, we should care about such issue indeed.

Being such IT partnerships in evidence, Aldo Pires, CEO of ADDTECH,made a presentation of the MPS project – Managerial Process System – developed for Management and Control of Goals, indicators and corporate action plans. Such project is utilized as the main supporting tool for Corporate Strategic Management.

Fátima Pinheiro, manager in charge of Social Responsibility Department of Brazilian Postal Company, highlighted the company policies toward sustainability and the importance, on the company´s part, as to having to reinvent itself and provide access to postal services for people all over Brazil. Since the close partnership entered into between the postal company and the insurance company, it has been possible to grant the requests to the insurance company at any post offices.

ADDTECH teams are very proud of the alliance. We also are proud of the projects put into effect together with Seguradora Lider, and expect it to last for many, many years.