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Santa Cruz Distribuidora – B2B Chat

The Santa Cruz Distribuidora, reference marketing of drugs in the pharmaceutical market in Brazil, and was struggling to serve its customers and included its e-commerce portal chats online service.


What it is

The creation of a new online communications channel via chat, to vent the other existing channels and thus meet a greater number of people in a shorter time .

The chat allows an attendant can meet customers four or more, depending on the administrator’s delegation, decreases the number of present bottlenecks in the previous conventional service operation, it was only by phone.


The challenge was to create a new channel of communication that is able to optimize customer service and could wreak the other communication channels that were already quite saturated and ineffective. It was first thought of offering an existing product on the market for Santa Cruz, but was mapped the need was more specific, logo customization has become more than necessary for this demand.

The Chat is the solution that Santa Cruz sought, with the possibility of an attendant called receive four or more depending on the delegation ‘s area manager .


The solution used in this project was Dotnet, SQL, SIGNALR, jQuery and HTML5.

The chat serves two types of users: Administrator, who just delegate functions, and the attendant which is what actually performs the operation.

To the client using the chat, you need to fill some topics: Name issue to address, and email, to open the conversation window with the available attendant.

In the administrative area, there is a panel of activities where administrator can obtain detailed information on the process of care, such as: statistical, historical, delegate tasks to the attendant, see the attendants available, change issues, among other managerial activities .

Contact us

+55 21 3974-9450

Rua Conde de Lages, 44/1311

Glória - Rio de Janeiro - RJ

CEP: 20241 - 080

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